Objective, impartial advice tailored to your needs

  • We are an independent, private, family-owned business solely focused on giving pharmaceutical companies objective, impartial advice on how to accelerate patient access to important medical therapies.
  • Our clients work with a single partner linking science, medicine, regulation and reimbursement considerations to optimise development timelines. We have supported the development of the regulatory and reimbursement systems in place today.
  • PhD has no clinical research operations and therefore we have no interest in driving unnecessary clinical research – we only focus on what you need and what is required by regulators and payers.


Help cut your development costs

By focusing your attention on what’s needed to get your drug approved and the data required by the payers, we’ll help you optimise your whole development program, cut out unnecessary clinical trials, and make you aware of any additional requirements.

Ensuring the right clinical program with the right end-points, taking all regulatory and payer requirements into account, saves you vast amounts of money. We focus on helping you to showcase your new medicine in the best light to the ultimate benefit of patients.


Help reduce your time to market

We take an independent view of your product development and advise on what needs improving, amending or shaping. We’ll steer you on what the regulators are looking for, how to best present your data, how to prepare your submission and documentation, and at the same time you will gain an understanding of what the payers and HTA bodies require.

You’ll get a clear path and direct guidelines from an independent and trusted source. Together, this will optimise your development activities and help you focus on what’s needed to get your drug approved and to market faster.


Keep your drug on the market

Once on the market, you need to keep tracking and monitoring the safety and efficacy of your drug, prepare for potential audits and reviews and maintain your product through variations, label changes, etc.

We can support you in building this post-marketing requirements in your development plans, or work with your post authorisation plans to keep your drug on the market with minimal process and cost.