Located in London, at the heart of the largest cluster of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Pharma Design is a service provider with several experienced pharmaceutical consultants in its established network. This geographical positioning and extensive network have allowed Pharma Design to be the partner of choice for many pharmaceutical organisations seeking entry to and support within the EMA region.

PhD was founded in 2009 by Simon Ruini and a group of clinical, regulatory, market access and safety professionals willing to combine experiences and knowledge from different backgrounds to create an integrated service provider. Pharma Design wanted to offer clients a new method in pharmaceutical product development, approval and monitoring to reduce gaps in between processes and functions. We always strive to improve quality and consistency and minimise delays in information exchange.

We provide a series of services from clinical trial site management to pharmaceutical consultancy and project management. Our areas of expertise include clinical strategy development, medical expert reports, regulatory documents and risk benefit analysis. Our technical consultants can work with you, individually or in small teams, delivering a first-class professional service as well as offering expert training. This is achieved through knowing and working with our pharmaceutical consultants and choosing the optimum skill set and experience for each individual project.

We specialise in:

  • Market Research, Meta-analysis, Pricing Dossier, HTA
  • Centralised MAA, MA maintenance, MRP, variations
  • Benefit/Risk Assessment, PBRER, DSUR, RMP
  • QA Audit, PSMF, PV Inspection preparation

Simply call us to discuss your project needs or send an e-mail, and within 48 hours, we can provide you with informed advice on the feasibility of your request and our ability to help. We aim to provide an estimate of project costs and a proposal within six working days.

Phone +44(0)20 3875 4111 or +353 (0)902 0049 today to speak to our leading pharmaceutical consulting company, our pharmaceutical consultants can help you from the beginning of your project right through to the end.